Monday, 29 August 2011

Something something....:( :)

Well, i've two little twin cousins...Lichu n minnu are their names...And gosh! they look alike too...Thry turned 2 last month...And last week,they came here,to Bangalore,for some family business,and stayed with us.It was a great moment for my granny,as she swa her son,my uncle,who's been in the U.K for quite a long time..And it was so sweet of a moment too,especially for me,when i was with my 'Desi cousins'...They seemed like,so much excited about us..I mean Bangalore general India itself...But they cleverly kept some 'Distance' from all of us.Hehe :P and began to mingle with me after i made a hell of effort :P

                            I don't know what kind of a Creole they speaks.It seemed like a mixture of English ,Hindi and some others...Anyway i was with them,and i perfectly understod what it was too..:) As they are my cousins,u can imagine how mischievious they'll be.Now,they're having a baby sitter over there,who sems to have a hard time..:P But one thing i noticed even then..They resembles me so much...They also like Chocos and medleys..They also waves from the windowpanes whenever someone passes in front of it...:P..They even stopped crying when i handed over the chocos..
                                                    And Minnu i guess is a music fan..whenever i used to play some song on ma lappy,her searching little eyes would find a stop in there...And sometimes she'd try her hand at singing :P But it took a hecll of time to understand the song which she sang...(I believe it was 'One less lonely girl')..and Lichu seems not at all interested in music.
                                               We had a beautiful time with them...We all went for a movie,had a cool Shopping ( i brought so many chocos for them,and they responded to me in that cute sweetie pie way of blinking with little eyes )...And suddenly i felt so lonesome and sad,when they left for U.K two days ago.I dont know why..i miss their smiles,naughty gazes and all those moments of heavenly funs :(


  1. You seem to be an angel not in distress, but with bags of goodwill for your cousins! you write pretty well in an elegant style too!

  2. AWWW. little cousins are always fun to be around =)


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